Solution: E-Commerce AR

Augmented Reality can change the game for the E-commerce industry by changing the tedious methods currently practised by the E-commerce industry.

Augmented Reality can drive sales through advertisements
Augmented Reality adds life to static marketing mediums. It enables marketers to include 3D models, animations, etc

We develop AR CMS solutions to offer a customizable AR experience that allows you to upload, manage, and publish the AR contents onto your app.

AR Measurement
AR Measurement offers spatial features to measure real-world objects by simply pointing your phone's camera. Your product will therefore be displayed as its actual size.

Real-time recognition
3D-models Object recognition and tracking method for mobile AR-devices to determine the location and orientation of objects in the current scene.

Increased customer engagement
Immersive Websites and Apps are exciting to use mostly due to their novelty and the sleek 3D models that provide a unique experience not found in everyday life. These factors work well to boost engagement.