About ConfigWise

ConfigWise was born out of the frustration of receiving customer orders that were impossible to fill, due to a lack of product knowledge. Configurable furniture provides a customer with many options to design furniture to meet their specific requirements, however sometimes there are certain combinations that simply aren’t possible. ConfigWise is designed to simplify the customization of a feasible furniture solution and expedite the ordering process.


Configurable office furniture company COWerk were experiencing ordering issues, before approaching VipaHelda for possible solutions. COWerk sales staff were meeting clients and hand sketching solutions based on their knowledge of the products. Sketches were supplied to COWerk in order to be converted into 3D designs, before being passed back to the Sales staff for review with the customer. There were occasions where the lack of precision of a hand drawn sketch resulted in several iterations of sketch-design-feedback before a final 3D design reflected what the customer and sales staff had discussed.

The Solution

ConfigWise is designed to make use of a company’s 3D catalogue of components, to add, drag, drop and snap components into the desired configuration. With a few additional taps they can change colours and textures on the components and view the final product in the desired space by making use of the Augmented Reality feature.

This enables sales staff and customers to collaboratively design a furniture solution with real time feedback as to the size, scale, appearance and levels of customization, and proceed to ordering the design in a single streamlined process.

While ConfigWise was built based on the case study of COWerk’s configurable office furniture, the solution is applicable to any configurable components such as steam-valves, prefabricated houses and anything you else you can snap into configuration.

The Full Package

ConfigWise is a multi-dimensional product. The ‘face’ of ConfigWise is an iPad app that sales staff can bring to meetings with their customer to collaboratively design and order custom solutions.

Behind the scenes a company manager also has access to an application where they can manage the accounts of their employees, but also toso they can manage their catalog of 3D components. Adding, editing and removing products from their catalogue as necessary. This self-management solution allows a company to have full control over what products they have on offer, and respond quickly when new products come into existence.