Give your customers the ultimate purchasing experience

Research indicates that 61% of customers prefer to purchase from companies who show innovation through technology. Step over to ConfigWise and improve your customers purchasing experience:

  • A 3D designer tool to customise the product and view it from all angles
  • A SmartCatalog function for faultless ordering
  • An Augmented Reality option to view the product in the desired environment

Experience it yourself with the demo catalog.

Advantages of ConfigWise

With ConfigWise customers can experience your product virtually before they buy it. By having the opportunity to experience the product in the desired environment, they are able to get a better impression of the product. This means the customer is more likely to buy with confidence, and drastically reduce the likelihood of a return. This results in:

  • Lower costs
  • Increased sales
  • Raise customer satisfaction

Stop losing money on returns

Returns are expensive. Many customers do not get what they expect. Give them a virtual purchasing experience to:

  • Reduce returns
  • Increase sales
  • Raise customer satisfaction

Try it yourself with ConfigWise. Free.

The cost of returns

Do many customers return your products? This has a large financial impact. The greatest expenses of returns are:

  • Damaged returned products
  • Loss of investment in marketing and sales
  • Staff support during the returns process

How to prevent returns

The main reason for a return is that the product differs from the customer expectation. The top three reasons for returns are:

  • The product is larger or smaller than expected
  • The product doesn’t matching existing decor
  • The colour is not what the customer expected


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