Brabantia develops product catalog with AR content for customers and resellers

Configwise’s 3D library allows consumers to virtually try out 162 design products

Brabantia has digitized 162 of its beautiful, pleasurable and sustainable household items like waste bins. Thanks to these digitized models, consumers can virtually place the products at home and resellers can place these AR models on their website. Whether in an advertisement in a magazine, a virtual fair or on one of the many webshops, the products can be placed and admired in-house using a QR code and just one click.


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A design product such as the Bo Touch Bin  comes in many sizes and colors. As a consumer you want to know whether the product fits  with your interior and has the perfect size. Since Brabantia is an innovative designers brand, it wants to give its resellers the opportunity to introduce AR models in their content. This enables the consumer to make the best decision and be happy with their choice.
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Brabantia's products come to life in the Linda magazine

The insert of Brabantia in the Linda Magazine (the largest women's glossy in the Netherlands) was already a success with such beautiful products. But when you can virtually place the products in your own house just by scanning a QR code with your phone’s camera, it’s even better. Above all, it’s not just a delight for the consumer but also for the brand since it can measure the openings ratio of the QR code. An advertorial in a magazine will never be the same again!

3D products offer you a 360 shopping experience in many ways

Now that Brabantia has digitized its products, AR content is just one of the many possibilities. In addition, this 360 environment can also be embedded on a website so that the consumer can admire the product in 360.

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