Improved Conversions by 16% with ConfigWise

Posted by ConfigWise Team on Jan 22, 2020 5:12:03 AM

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In 2019, home furniture company fonQ launched 'fonQ in house'—a custom app that invites shoppers to explore, personalise and purchase products using Augmented Reality (AR) from home.

In close collaboration with ConfigWise, the online furniture shop imported 3D models of around 400 chairs (the trickiest furniture to buy online) to help customers preview them in their own space and buy with confidence. And after just two weeks, fonQ noticed an impressive 16% boost in sales thanks to their compelling new AR feature.

There's a lot more to this fascinating story, so sit tight and we'll tell you how fonQ launched their custom AR app in just a few weeks without confusing software or time-consuming 3D modelling.

Giving shoppers a true sense of online products

As a leading furniture shop in The Netherlands, fonQ knows all too well that people have trouble buying the right furniture online. It's only after they've ordered that they realise the product doesn't fit exactly how they want it to, or the colour isn't what it seemed in the photo.

"I recently bought a house that I am decorating", says the CEO of fonQ, Antoine Brouwer in a company news article, "and I also experienced how difficult it is, for example, to estimate the size of the product and to imagine how it will look in my house".

And so the product gets sent back, leaving the company with a financial loss and a disappointed customer without their furniture.

Confident that they could give their customers a much better shopping experience, fonQ partnered with ConfigWise, an AR app development company, to bring the realistic power of AR to their online shop.

“We partnered with ConfigWise because, like them, we believe in the power of AR when buying furniture”, said Brouwer. He added that providing customers with a 360 view of each product would also mean less returns and a much more sustainable shopping process.

Integrating ConfigWise without a hassle

Like most companies, fonQ didn't want to submit themselves to a huge undertaking that would interrupt their team's day-to-day activities.

With ConfigWise at the helm, the AR platform was seamlessly integrated into fonQ's existing eCommerce software. This meant product information could be updated once and immediately synced across their website and AR app. It also meant fonQ could add new 3D models themselves, at anytime.

fonQ also had access to the ConfigWise AR Library, which stores hundreds of detailed AR models from different manufacturers. The AR Retail Database is a centralised AR content database that manufactures and retailers can use to get or publish AR content. ConfigWise is governing this Retail database to contain the quality 3D models that represents a product in a visual correct way. This allowed fonQ to easily add pre-made AR models from vendors like Zuiver and Brabantia to their online product catalogue.

For any products without an AR model, fonQ worked closely with the ConfigWise team to produce high-fidelity 3D models that would be showcased on their website and AR app.

Using AR for increased engagement and sales

fonq AR productsIn just a few weeks, fonQ had their own AR app for both iOS and Android, and enhanced their website with realistic 3D versions of hundreds of products.

Customers now have two ways of interacting with fonQ's products:

  • Using the AR app: Customers can download the 'fonQ in house' app on their smartphone and browse their product catalogue. If the product displays an AR button, customers can tap to view the product in actual scale within their own space. They can zoom, rotate, change the colour, and even the fabric so they can order exactly what they want.

  • Scanning a QR code: When browsing the fonQ website, customers can play with the products in 3D, or scan the accompanying QR code to instantly view it in AR on the 'fonQ in house' app.

Behind the scenes, ConfigWise ran extensive A/B testing to measure the app's performance. In the first two weeks after launching their AR features, fonQ was delighted to find a 16% jump in conversions.

"This needs to be tested even longer", assured Brouwer, "but the first results are positive and a clear signal of further investment".

Recognizing the impressive advantages of AR, fonQ intends on enhancing their app further with new categories, such as cupboards and tables, to make online shopping even smoother and easier for their customers.

"[AR] is a development that will undoubtedly accelerate online growth in the Home & Lifestyle industry." - Antoine Brouwer, FonQ.

Bring AR to your online store

With 71% of consumers preferring to shop from retailers that offer AR, it's a good idea to get ahead of the curve. ConfigWise makes cutting-edge AR easy and affordable for businesses—without the hassle of juggling new software.

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