Worldwide Virus and AR

Posted by ConfigWise Team on Jul 2, 2020 12:41:34 PM

In Retail, Augmented Reality

With a lot of shops being forced to stay closed or can only have a limited amount of customers in-store. The virus global situation showed the importance of enabling the customer to experience new items online before buying them. 

According to payment provider AfterPay the Dutch e-commerce purchase rose with 32% due to the worldwide virus outbreak.  To take advantage of this peak in online shopping it is important to create a mind-blowing customer experience to stand out among your competitors. With the usage of AR, your company can create a personalised shopping experience with a higher conversion rate and fewer returns. 


Showing your customers what they are buying with AR creates a bridge between the in-store and online shopping experience. Let your customers try out and experience products directly in their surroundings with AR. This will create a better buying experience than letting your customers rely  on vague mental images and guesswork as their primary source of  information.


A step further is the customer service 2.0 technology created by ConfigWise. With this technology you can engage with your customers similar to the in-store service. By sharing the AR screen with a customer service employee, your company can interact, engage and discuss with your customers. It also creates a possibility to personalize the products to the needs of your customers, providing the same, rich, customer interaction experience and enabling the customer to purchase a bespoke product without having to physically visit the store. To gain a better understanding of customer service 2.0 please watch the video or contact us.

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