• Product Configurator with Augmented Reality

    Does your eCommerce service desire more conversion and less product returns then try ConfigWise!

Why choose configwise?

Step into the future

ConfigWise is an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) / Configurator platform, that focuses on companies that want to offer AR visualisation and/or a configurator to their end-customers. ConfigWise is the first platform that offers AR-as-a-service.

The platform offers a rich variety of functions that makes it easy for companies to integrate AR in their digital channels. The ConfigWise App is available for iOS (based on Apple's ARKit2) and Android (based on Google's ARCore). With AR, consumers can view a product from a webshop in their own living room. With the ConfigWise Configurator, a shop employee can easily show the various options of a product.

Immediately show how it is looks like

Developing customer wishes takes a lot of time. With a catalog of 3D parts, this is a piece of cake. Record the possible combinations once and the seller can show the end result in no time.

Reduce the distance between store and living room

Not all the products in the showroom? Give an experience that goes beyond color swatches. Show all possible product variations immediately. And the customer can even view it at home.

High Quality 3D modelling
Nothing is as real as the product itself. But with 3D and Augmented Reality it comes very close. Modern techniques for a virtual product experience. Let customers place products everywhere and walk around them. Just using their own smartphone.
Happy Customers