AR Content Management for your e-commerce.


Free of charge high quality AR Content of your products

with Augmented Reality (app and web), to drive sales and reduce returns.



Try before you buy AR!

What we do.


Your product gets digitized into 3D content.


3D Products and information are
uploaded to your CMS.


3D Viewers with QR codes are placed on your website.


 Products can be viewed directly in AR (via web or app).

Customers can now 'try before they buy'!
Drives sales and reduces returns.

And for who.

E-commerce platforms

We can digitize your entire product range and integrate it within your platform and app(s). We even have our own library of 3D products of well known brands, where we daily create free high quality AR content.


Regardless of the size of your webshop, we bring your products to life in 3D. And develop AR functionality on your website or in a new, free app.


We can build you a library of your products in 3D. You can use them on your own website and share them with your resellers so they can use them on their sales channels.

AR made simple. 

It's easier than ever to get your very own AR mobile app.

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Upgrade your products

Swap photos for realistic 3D versions of your products to showcase on web and mobile.

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Launch in record time

We help you build your custom label app in just one week, then hand over the keys.


Grow at your pace

Start free and upgrade anytime. Our flexible plans make it easy for any business to offer interactive shopping.

AR app for retail

Smarter sales and higher conversions.

Studies show that 71% of consumers prefer shops that offer AR. With your own AR app, customers can explore and interact with your products from home—giving you a powerful boost in sales.

custom AR app for retail company

Confident purchases, every time.

With highly detailed 3D versions of your products, customers can ‘try before they buy’ so they know exactly what model, size and colour to get. That means confident shopping for them, and fewer returns for you.

Interactive products on web and mobile.

Unique QR codes instantly take shoppers from the 360° product on your website to the interactive version in the app for a smooth shopping experience.

How it works. 

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Step one

Choose a plan and we'll give you everything you need to get started.

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Step two

Upload your own 3D models, or ask us to create them for you.


Step three

Publish your shiny new app on Google Play and the App Store. Voilà!

Companies using ConfigWise

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06 - Zuiver
08 - KaveHome
09 - Brabantia
10 - fonQ
11 - The Bastard
12 - Intratuin
13 - Marmerentafels

Get started today-for free!

Plan a demo and we will prepare AR content for one of your products.